Clic Curve Wave Curtain Systems

Uniform waveform, perfect appearance

Clic gliders fixed to a cord at a distance of 8 cm provide an absolutely uniform wave form of curtains and drapes. Whether open or closed: The waves are always perfectly aligned.

Depending on the desired wave size, more or less fabric is used between the individual Clic gliders.

Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



For both Clic Curve wave curtain systems, use one Clic HH 9 piercing hook at each curtain end as the final curtain hook. This creates a beautiful inward-facing wave and an even, harmonious overall appearance across the entire width of the wave curtain.

Clic Curve Systems

HINNO offers two different Clic Curve wave curtain systems:

  • Clic Curve 1.1 with removable hooks HH 9 for rail size SIXO 6. Here the gliders remain in the rail during cleaning (see photo), the hooks are washed along with the curtain or drape.
  • Clic Curve 2.0 with fixed connection of Clic gliders and hook HH 10, also for rail size SIXO 6.

Clic Curve Slider Key

Thanks to HINNO’s strict quality control, damage to individual sliders can at most result from improper storage or assembly.

Nevertheless, HINNO is prepared for even the rarest of problems. Any defective glider can be easily removed from the cord and replaced with a new Clic glider using the specially developed Clic “glider key”!

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