Original Clic glider:

Hang curtains and drapes in quick succession

Get curtains and drapes “on track” in no time with the original Clic gliders from HINNO. Simply click them into the curtain track. Done!

Like all HINNO products, the original Clic gliders are made of high-quality plastic. They are UV-resistant, dimensionally stable and hardly age. They have excellent low-noise gliding properties and a high load-bearing capacity of up to 11 kilograms per glider. In addition, all HINNO Clic gliders are 100% recyclable and the material can be recycled afterwards.

Available with transverse and longitudinal eyelet for MAXI 6, SIXO 6, MIDI 5 and MINI 4 rail widths and with transverse eyelet for KUST 4 plastic rails.

Standard colors: White, black; other colors on request
Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Hinno Clic Vorhanggleiter HC 1

Glider missing?

No problem! All conventional gliders threaded into a curtain track up to the ‘missing’ glider must be removed again, whereas original Clic gliders can be ‘clicked’ in easily at any point.

When hanging normal and curved curtains, we even recommend first attaching the two Clic gliders at the ends of the curtain and one in the middle.

Once the curtain track holds the weight, all other Clic gliders can be clicked in very easily.

Machine washable

Original Clic gliders and hooks can be washed and dry-cleaned with the curtain without hesitation.

HINNO Clic eliminates the need to remove hooks and sliders beforehand and reinsert them after washing for significant time and cost savings, especially where curtains have to be cleaned regularly – as in hotels, hospitals, homes and offices; in mobile homes, caravans or rental boats.

We recommend using a laundry bag.


Clic gliders with a cross-eye are also available pre-assembled with Clic curtain hooks. We have compiled all types, models and sizes for you on a separate page, where you will find the right combination with just two quick “clicks”, selectable by track size or hook type.

Alternatively, you can call up the corresponding confection types for each individual glider directly below by clicking on the glider drawing or on the term “Type matches”.

HC 1

fits MAXI 6

Type matches
for HC 1

HC 3

fits SIXO 6

Type matches
for HC 3

HC 5

fits MIDI 5

Type matches
for HC 5

HC 7

fits MINI 4

Type matches
for HC 7

HC 9

fits KUST 4

Type matches
for HC 9


Hinno Clic Vorhanggleiter HC 2

HC 2

fits MAXI 6

Hinno Clic Vorhanggleiter HC 4

HC 4

fits SIXO 6

Hinno Clic Vorhanggleiter HC 6

HC 6

fits MIDI 5

Hinno Clic Vorhanggleiter HC 8

HC 8

fits MINI 4

To determine
track size without
measuring tool