HINNO Clic products:
All curtain accessories and mounting solutions at a glance

The original Clic gliders turn any type of curtain, drape and curtain system into a highly functional solution that clicks into the curtain rail – simply, conveniently and extremely quickly. In addition, HINNO Clic’s sophisticated accessories make work even easier.

Original Clic glider

The part with the “supporting role”: the original Clic glider with longitudinal and transverse eyelet for clicking in. To the Clic gliders

Clic Assist

Click up to 10 gliders into the track at the same time, making hanging curtains even faster and safer: To Clic Assist

hinno clic vorhanggleiter und haken switzerland

Clic hook

Clic glider and hook: ultra-precise teamwork. Also available pre-assembled. About the Clic hooks

Clic Curve

Clic Curve provides even, harmonious waves and a beautiful curtain finish. To Clic Curve

Clic Loop

Tab top curtains mounted quickly with one handle and two “clics”, loop by loop. To Clic Loop

Clic Panel

HINNO Clic panel curtain systems are available in three variants, also for extra widths and as sets. About Clic Panel

Clic Stop

The barely-visible all-in-one end stop/ intermediate stop is mounted in three easy steps. About Clic Stop

Clic Clean

Removes dried plaster and paint splashes that have entered the rail run as a result of plastering or painting work. About Clic Clean

Clic Release

The notching pliers with whole and half punches as well as flexibly alignable punch heads: For Clic Release