Clic Release hole punch device
with whole and half punching heads

For precise punching in every work situation

Clic Release from HINNO:

  • For all common rail systems
  • Punch heads with half punch and whole punch
  • Easy set-up and changing of punching heads
  • Single-handed notching thanks to limited grip spread
  • Punching heads can be aligned wherever required, notching possible in any position
  • When half punch heads are used on curtain rails that have already been mounted, a spring-loaded brass centering device engages in the first-punched recess for notching the second half to ensure exact positioning.

A tool case is available as an accessory for storing the notching pliers safely, compactly and clearly with the punching heads.

Clic Release video tutorial

We show interior decorators setting up the notching pliers, using whole-punching heads in the workshop and half-punching heads on curtain tracks already mounted at the customer’s site.

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