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The original HINNO Clic quality

The claim of HINNO:
Swiss ultra-precision Curtain gliders with ultra-reliable quality control

No matter how exquisite curtains and drapes – or a curtain system – may be, their true value is determined by their daily use on the curtain track. A perfect glide when opening and closing, and a reliable hold, even after years… Ultimately, it’s the quality of the curtain gliders that makes the difference. A relatively small investment with a big impact!

Original HINNO Clic curtain gliders are technically sophisticated, ultra-precise, high-end components. We devote all our care and attention – from product development to final inspection. In this way, we ensure everything runs perfectly – under a wide variety of conditions, for many years to come. In living rooms, hotels, hospitals, dormitories and public institutions, in trucks, buses and caravans, even on sailing ships and yachts.

In short: Clic is ‘the original’ – and HINNO does everything to ensure that the world’s first clickable curtain glider remains the world’s best!


Commitment to the location

We produce all Clic curtain gliders in Switzerland. This ensures that we always live up to the excellent reputation that the HINNO brand enjoys.

We owe that to our customers – and ourselves, because we are committed to the tradition of Swiss precision and quality craftsmanship.

Hinno Clic klickbarer Vorhanggleiter mit Faltenlegehaken

Material properties

All HINNO Clic curtain gliders and hooks are made of high-quality UV-resistant plastic (POM). and are 100% recyclable. This makes them reliable, resilient and durable. UV protection preserves the mechanical properties of the gliders and allows easy washing or dry cleaning. In the long run!

Original HINNO Clic curtain gliders demonstrate excellent gliding properties and a high load-bearing capacity of up to eleven kilograms per glider.

Quality control

Original HINNO Clic gliders are subjected to a strict final inspection. Ten percent of the gliders first go through a click-in test. Sash tension is measured mechanically, followed by a final visual inspection by a camera system.

This ensures that only flawless ‘Clic gliders are delivered to customers.

Certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO 9001: Download PDF
ISO 14001: Download PDF