Free HINNO Clic product sample deliveries
compiled according to your requirements

Please use the form below to enter all the product samples you wish to test, and the amounts of each you require. There are product codes, article designations and images of each item on the respective product pages of the website.

We have already put together sample package sets for the CLIC CURVE wave curtain system and CLIC PANEL panel curtain system. 

Ordering procedure

We are happy to send you the sample products you require free of charge, and delighted to give you the opportunity to experience the quality, and quick and simple use of HINNO Clic for yourself. 

Obviously, every order placed for samples costs us time and money, but it’s an investment we’re happy to make for potential dealers and professional decorators. We hope you understand our need to eliminate abuse and misuse of this service at the very start. 

For this reason, once we have received an order for samples, we take the liberty of contacting the customer in person. This enables us to be sure we’re dealing with a bona fide customer with genuine requirements. We take this opportunity to make all other arrangements, such as setting a delivery date and answering any other questions you may have.

Thank you very much for your interest and your understanding!


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    Required sample products by curtain track

    Collection of 3 gliders (eyelets longitudinal and across), hooks, gliders with pre-assembled hooks, Clic Stop and Clic Clean for the following track sizes: (multiple selection possible)

    Required sample sets

    Wave curtain systems: Panel curtain systems: