We are pioneers,
in design and sustainability

At HINNO climate protection is more than an empty phrase

From the very beginning, HINNO has strived to ensure the environmental sustainability of its products and the conditions under which they are manufactured. Now, even greater effort is required for an active contribution to the fight against global warming. This not only requires the willingness to make appropriate investments, but also the courage to change:

We are the first company in our industry to completely switch over to cardboard and paper packaging, including at the self-service shelves of the specialist stores. Our catalogues, instructions and information media are PEFC-certified.

Further measures are under development.


An end to plastic boxes or viewing windows and sleeves made of plastic film: HINNO is the first company on the market to switch over to paper bags for its self-service packaging.

Resource-saving manufacturing and products

HINNO products are produced with green electricity – original Clic gliders with 100% self-generated solar energy.

In addition, we use only fully recyclable and recyclable plastics for original Clic curtain gliders, curtain hooks and accessories.

Thanks to the high quality of materials and careful product development, HINNO products have an exceptionally long life-cycle; mostly 30 years and more. No disposable products, no predetermined breaking points; and no energy-intensive reproduction and replacement at short intervals.

Environmentally friendly packaging

The product boxes for interior decorators have been awarded the FSC ecolabel and the cardboard used comes from sustainable resources. Thanks to shipping-optimised sizes, the space required for transport is reduced and the volume of packaging minimised.

HINNO is converting all self-service packaging for gliders, hooks and accessories in specialist stores to 95/5 paper. We are the first company in our industry to take this important step in the interests of sustainability, even if it may take customers time to get used to the lack of a viewing window.

Product boxes

In sizes optimised for shipping, sustainable cardboard with FSC quality seal

SB bag

Paper made from sustainable resources, no film viewing windows

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