Werbematerial für Geschäftspartner

Fotos, Videos, Produktzeichnungen und mehr: Ab sofort steht Fachhändlern und Professionisten das gesamte Marketingmaterial von HINNO zur Verfügung!

Großes “Aha-Erlebnis”

Die ersten Messen 2024 haben eines gezeigt: Die Vorreiterrolle von HINNO bei recyclingfähigen Produktverpackungen erntet riesigen Zuspruch.

Menschen bei HINNO

Vor 8 Jahren hat es ´Clic gemacht: Peter Voramwald arbeitet seit 2016 für die Hinno AG. Seit Anfang 2024 ist er für die Büroleitung zuständig. 

‘Deep-frozen clicks’ and more

From "frozen glider click" to 5-day load: HINNO Clic gliders undergo many a quality test. "Endurance test"!

People at HINNO

Lorena Zimmerli is a design graduate and joined our team in the summer, taking over as Head of Marketing.

The first markets have been restocked!

HINNO is the first company in the industry to focus on sustainability in specialist market self-service. There’s now a completely new packaging concept!

This hole punch has the knack!

There are special reasons for punching notches quickly and accurately with CLIC RELEASE notching pliers to enable trip limiters to be fitted, even in already-mounted curtain tracks.

At 86 …

Do you still want to be putting up curtains in old age? "No problem with the original Clic glider from HINNO," says Sisi A. (86). We had a chat with her ...

Hoist the sails!

How about a shopping cruise? Figuratively speaking, yes! HINNO has found a novel way of recycling used sails.

All the key information with QR

Innovative product information across all HINNO packaging types. Multimedia support and lots of helpful service tools.

Expect things to ‘clic’ in the hotel

While many hotels are currently short of staff, the HINNO Clic glider can save time and effort when curtains need to be cleaned.

The ‘Ironman’ among curtain gliders

The automotive industry relies on the ‘Ironman qualities’ of HINNO Clic gliders for its success.

‘Click-it’, ‘click-in’ or ‘click on’?

There are countless companies trying to emulate and imitate the original Clic glider. So, why is the Clic curtain glider from HINNO ‘The Original’?

The „Curtain Turbo“

From an idea to a benchmark: CLIC ASSIST is a good example of how HINNO's drive towards innovation resulted in a new, trend-setting product.