The first markets have been restocked!

HINNO is the first company in the industry to focus on sustainability in specialist market self-service. There’s now a completely new packaging concept!

QR-Code as a key

There was a major challenge associated with the switch from plastic to paper: The products themselves were no longer visible! To solve this issue, in addition to the key information on the packaging, a QR code links to the product description and advice. 

The code leads to an online page providing all the information on each respective product – in text, photos, graphics and video images, as well as accessing useful service tools and supplementary product recommendations.

    Key facts:

    • Fully-recyclable paper packaging (95/5)
    • Save 10 million plastic bags per year within the company (overall potential)
    • Detailed printing on package and final sizing done by HINNO using green electricity. Reduction in transportation
    • Product info in texts, static images and videos via a QR code

    10 million fewer plastic bags per year

    This changeover is planned for all of our consumer markets, helping the company reduce its annual plastic use by a total of up to 10 million plastic bags per year! That’s in addition to production and assembly lines that use 100% green electricity, fully recyclable curtain gliders and hooks – and lots more. So HINNO has defined another benchmark on the way to guaranteeing the most environmentally friendly working practices possible.

    A big thank you also goes out to our business partners for their willingness to take this completely new but important step on behalf of the industry.

    • In this post, you’ll discover the specific functions of the QR codes on HINNO packaging.
    • General information on the topic of “HINNO and sustainability” can be found here

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